Another New Client – Android TV Box Australia

So good news for us and for you our readers. We have managed to get ourselves another new client and again it is another eCommerce store as that is what we specialize in after all. This time it is from the other side of the world..Australia! We have never worked with an overseas client before but it was from a referral from an existing client which is how they ended up contacting us.

They have a site selling android TV boxes in Australia and are looking to get a bit of extra help on the online marketing side of things. They sell a range of products but their main product at the moment is the android TV box and related products. They are looking to increase their search presence and also do a testing phase for running Google adwords. We will only have a small adwords budget available to us but we hope to be able to show our skills quickly and use that money then to put into other areas such as social media and related advertising methods.

They are an online store only and use Australia Post to send all of their android TV box orders so all of their income comes from one website. This can be a good and bad thing when working with a client. Sometimes a client who has an offline side to their business are less hands on and that allows us to work away at the online side which is what we like to do. Online only customers tend to be in the middle of everything but of course that is understandable as it is their business after all. We will begin work next Monday and again will follow up on this and other recent new clients soon. Thanks.