Our New Client – Openbox V8S Reseller

Our newest client is another Irish business based out of Wicklow Town, County Wicklow. They sell a range of freesat TV products including the well known Openbox V8S freesat receivers which they are official sellers of here in Ireland. They came to us with a website already made and were just about to launch their site when having a meeting with us about how they could market the site. As it is a well known product and fairly competitive we looked at several options including Google Shopping which was just released here in Ireland at the start of this year.

We have also looked at optimizing their on page content for words like Openbox and Openbox V8S which are commonly searched for. We are now just at the launching stage for the Google adwords and shopping campaigns and are starting out with a low budget and will increase as we collect more data. For those of you who are interested in these types of products I would strongly advise to check out their website as they buy in bulk so get the best prices possible and are one of the cheapest I have seen in Ireland selling these types of products.

Another route we are considering going down is the SEO route although this is incredibly slow process for a new website and takes a lot of patience. We will most likely see how the paid adverts campaign goes before deciding what to do on SEO. Usually we are quite good at pushing the SEO route but recently it has gotten even slower than it used to be so can be very frustrating for the client, especially ones that do not know the world of SEO and how unsure it can be. We will report back once we have collected some data around the end of June.