Digital Summit works with Bonus Electronics

Our newest client is another big challenge for us which is something we love! We have worked with many types of sites including blogs (like this one!), affiliate websites and websites for small and medium businesses but this site is a brand new ecommerce store selling electronics mainly focusing on bluetooth speakers and headphones. This site is a challenge because of the large amount of products on offer and therefore a bigger workload when it comes to marketing. The site does not have much content as it is an ecommerce site and this is traditionally a problem with e commerce websites but maybe that is another blog post!

bluetooth speaker storeLets take bluetooth speakers for example. This is one of the main products for this website so this is where we need to write more content around the products available. They offer a range of bluetooth speakers which in turn we must write content for a target those particular sets of speakers such as portable bluetooth speakers as example. We will also run a Google adwords campaign on this website as that works quite well for ecommerce sites. We will start out with a small budget until we get things right and start making a profit and then expand the campaign to other products on offer.

The first thing we will do is a full analysis of the website including the layout of the site. For example we would have bluetooth speakers as a main category and that would have several categories under it such as portable bluetooth speakers. This will then create a structure that is good for the consumer and good for the search engines.