Digital Summit Works on A Refurbished iPhone Website

A friend of mine who used to own a repair shop locally (I would rather not name where exactly) had the idea to repair various electronics and sell them online. This is a market that has apparently become more and more popular in the last 2 – 3 years. According to market research this market will be as big as the phone repair market in several years which is quite staggering. After a few informal conversations about what our friend was trying to achieve with his site we decided to take it on as a project at a reduced price as an experiment.

The Site:

The site itself is quite small and to the point. It is no more than 25 pages as it is at the moment and only offers a small range of popular refurbished products including refurbished iPhone 5S and iPads. The first thing we done with this site was to change the design to something a bit easier on the eye and also something that is easier to navigate than what we first encountered. This should improve the length of time potential customers spend on the site.

Marketing Plan:

Our marketing plan herein was to start a blog with advice on buying refurbished products and also announcements of deals and up coming products in order to generate extra interest. This should also help naturally with website visibility. We will also run a PPC adwords campaign to help drive targeted traffic to the site. Although on a limited budget we expect that this will return a decent return on investment.

We will also be adding more content to the product pages to help fill them out a bit more and give them more traction. So we will update this post in a months time after we have implemented what we have said above. The website if anyone is interested is