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Another New AdWords Client –!

We have been running a very successful Facebook campaign recently which has brought us some interesting clients both in Ireland and further afield. One new client who is very ambitious has a business selling men’s watches here in Ireland which is of course a very competitive industry. Anything to do with fashion and in particular watches is usually not an area we would be interested in bus as the client insists on working with us we have decided we will trial out this campaign and see if a profit can be made.

The domain name he owns is which is a very good domain to have as it tells the visitor exactly what the website is about and is pretty much self explanatory. This should help in our marketing campaign and it is also very good for the search engines as it always helps to have the keywords in the domain name although this is of course not the be all or end all as shown by the numerous case studies on Neil Patels blog who is a very successful digital marketer who I would encourage you all to follow.

Our first step is to improve the website design and add more content before we even begin to look at spending money on ads. Often clients want to jump into the the ads but you can lose a lot of money very fast so I am glad they come to us first!

Another New Client – Android TV Box Australia

So good news for us and for you our readers. We have managed to get ourselves another new client and again it is another eCommerce store as that is what we specialize in after all. This time it is from the other side of the world..Australia! We have never worked with an overseas client before but it was from a referral from an existing client which is how they ended up contacting us.

They have a site selling android TV boxes in Australia and are looking to get a bit of extra help on the online marketing side of things. They sell a range of products but their main product at the moment is the android TV box and related products. They are looking to increase their search presence and also do a testing phase for running Google adwords. We will only have a small adwords budget available to us but we hope to be able to show our skills quickly and use that money then to put into other areas such as social media and related advertising methods.

They are an online store only and use Australia Post to send all of their android TV box orders so all of their income comes from one website. This can be a good and bad thing when working with a client. Sometimes a client who has an offline side to their business are less hands on and that allows us to work away at the online side which is what we like to do. Online only customers tend to be in the middle of everything but of course that is understandable as it is their business after all. We will begin work next Monday and again will follow up on this and other recent new clients soon. Thanks.


What You Need To Know About Operating An Android TV Box

There is a good chance that you have heard about the all-amazing Android TV box. Perhaps, you are looking for information on how they operate. To start off, an Android box is a technological advanced TV box that hooks up to your existing television. It also has the ability to transform any TV into a smart TV. This will give you access to TV shows, live sports, movies, as well as a multitude of video game apps and live stream music as shown on You can also choose to play music or browse the Internet via a web browser. However, before you just jump right into all this fun you are going to need to know how to work the device.

Setting Up A Wi-Fi Connection

The first thing you need to know is that in order for the box to work you must have access an open Internet connection. Most boxes can either be connected through Wi-Fi or a wired Ethernet connection. If you want to use the Wi-Fi connection, you will have to click on the settings icon, select the Wi-Fi option, and then choose your router. After this you will be required to enter you username and password. Once this information is entered in correctly you Wi-Fi connection will be available.

Learn About Fusion

Fusion is a great tool that allows you to download add-on applications for your new Android box. If you are familiar with other Android devices, they use similar applications. However, fusion was a specially designed app that was created for Android boxes only. Before you can use fusion you will have to install the device, but it is pretty straightforward.

Understanding XBMC

The XBMC is basically just a media center that allows you to choose between the different types of medias that you want to view. For instance, from this homepage this is where you will choose to listen to music, watch TV, play games, or download updates.

Digital Summit works with Bonus Electronics

Our newest client is another big challenge for us which is something we love! We have worked with many types of sites including blogs (like this one!), affiliate websites and websites for small and medium businesses but this site is a brand new ecommerce store selling electronics mainly focusing on bluetooth speakers and headphones. This site is a challenge because of the large amount of products on offer and therefore a bigger workload when it comes to marketing. The site does not have much content as it is an ecommerce site and this is traditionally a problem with e commerce websites but maybe that is another blog post!

bluetooth speaker storeLets take bluetooth speakers for example. This is one of the main products for this website so this is where we need to write more content around the products available. They offer a range of bluetooth speakers which in turn we must write content for a target those particular sets of speakers such as portable bluetooth speakers as example. We will also run a Google adwords campaign on this website as that works quite well for ecommerce sites. We will start out with a small budget until we get things right and start making a profit and then expand the campaign to other products on offer.

The first thing we will do is a full analysis of the website including the layout of the site. For example we would have bluetooth speakers as a main category and that would have several categories under it such as portable bluetooth speakers. This will then create a structure that is good for the consumer and good for the search engines.